The Clear Wave Microwave Oven Window

A microwave oven for cooks who like to cook

The microwave oven is the most ubiquitous small kitchen appliance worldwide, with a world market of approximately 80 million units a year. However most consumers use the microwave oven only for simple tasks such as preparing a hot beverage, re-heating leftovers, or heating processed meals, especially those specially designed for microwave heating. We contend that the microwave oven is a fantastic tool, that can be used advantageously to prepare “real food”, that is both tasty and healthy. Cooks who like cooking approach cooking as a creative art. They do not cook by solving equations, but rather they try different things, and they apply feedback, by looking, smelling and tasting, to adjust the food to their taste, and to determine when the dish is ready. However the first feedback input, visual appearance, is impeded by the typical metal screen window used in conventional microwave ovens. A special window is needed to confine the microwave energy to the food chamber where it can cook the food, and prevent it from leaking, where it can cook the cook, while providing good visibility of the food. The conventional window uses a perforated metal screen to protect the cook from microwave leakage, but the view of the food, through the perforations, is inadequate. It does not give the cook good visual feedback.

Identical ovens equipped with Clear Wave window (left) and conventional window (right)

ClearWave Ltd. developed a window for microwave ovens that provides both excellent visibility, and even better protection from microwave leakage than the standard window. It uses a sandwich of transparent conducting materials which are sturdy and inexpensive. Our goal is to see this window adopted by major microwave manufacturers, so that consumers who like to cook will have a tool more suitable for their needs.