Preparation time:           10 minutes

Cooking time:                30 minutes

This recipe was motivated by the overabundance of New Zealand spinach in our garden, and the desire to try out the ClearWave transparent microwave oven window which we developed (see the box below).

Figure 1. New Zealand spinach in our garden. Originally planted ~35 years ago, it self-seeds each year and produces a bountiful crop each winter.

  Kugel is the Yiddish term for baked vegetable or pasta pies or casseroles. But this kugel ain’t like Mom made it! She learned to cook before anyone worried about cholesterol, didn’t have a food processor, and didn’t have a microwave oven. She (or we) grated the potatoes by hand (never mind how much skin from our knuckles ended up in with the potatoes, nor how much time it took), and baked the result for hours. This recipe is tasty, quick, and healthy, even if it isn’t like Mom’s.


Figure 2. Ingredients.


Potatoes        3 medium (grate with finest grater in food processer, drain liquid)

Onion               1 medium (grate with potatoes)

Spinach           fresh, handfull (kale, cabbage, or other green leafy vegetable may be substituted). Chop very fine.

Eggs                 3 (beat)

Garlic               3 cloves, crushed

Salt                  ~ 1 tsp, or to taste

Pepper            ~ ¼ tsp, or to taste

Oil                      (preferably olive) – to grease pie plate


Mix all the ingredients together. Pour into a greased pie plate suitable for a microwave oven (e.g. Pyrex glass). Bake in microwave oven (full power) for approximately 30 minutes, until center is firm.


Figure 3. Kugel assembled, ready for baking.


Figure 4. Kugel baking in microwave oven with ClearWave window.
Figure 5. Finished!


Figure 6. Served with toasted sour dough spinach bread, cherry tomatoes, humus, and chopped scallions for a healthy light lunch.