Microwave Recipes

Here are a few recipes for preparing natural food using a microwave oven.

Do you have a microwave recipe to share? We seek recipes using natural ingredients.  If we like it, we will publish it here, together with your name and e-mail address (if you wish). If we can, we will try out the recipe, and photograph it while cooking, via the ClearWave transparent window, and add pictures to the recipe and a clip on You Tube.  (For our testing and photography, the recipe may not use pork in any form nor shell fish, and may not use meat and dairy ingredients together). Please send your recipes to us following the format in the above recipes, but also including a byline with your name and e-mail address (optional), as an attached Microsoft WORD file ( e.g. *.doc or *.docx) to info@clrwave.com. Please write recipe in the subject line.